Amazing LEGO

Every one being a kid used to play Lego. Maybe were yours maybe were from a buddy but each one of us had the opportunity to construct something. Most of the time were 4 pieces humanoids, robots or 20 color aircrafts that only you knew which was the front or which was the rear. But there were people who can go one step ahead and could do some really amazing art with this little pieces like Nathan Sawaya who was so much obsessed with Lego that he left his lawyer job in NY to become a master Lego builder. Sawaya now has a studio in the big Apple with over 1.5 million Lego bricks which he uses to create jaw dropping structure like these.


But today I saw this mindblowing video on how Max Shepherd mimic a robot arm using only LEGOS!!! This arm is designed to as closely as possible mimic the full range of motion of a human arm, but of course at its respective speed.



About captainloch

Irish Breakfast Tea-Drinker designer. Architectural, car & concept products lover with photography inclination. Amazed about the typography power.

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