Tern Bicycle

Now in days space is a expensive luxury that not everybody can achieve, so the people had been breaking their heads to gain the most of every inch they got around them. Most of the contemporary homes furniture and objects are being inspired by boats or submarines and their ability to collapse and gain some inches. Tern had brought to the market a perfect bike to gain those inches. The Tern Link D8 bike can collapse itself using the “N” fold technology. This technology is a small but important change that results in a faster, and more compact. It also have a very slightly frame that help much its transportation while riding a metro or bus. It’s a great choice to start this spring helping the environment riding more bikes and less cars.


About captainloch

Irish Breakfast Tea-Drinker designer. Architectural, car & concept products lover with photography inclination. Amazed about the typography power.

One comment

  1. Muy interesante y muy sugestivo para tener¡¡

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